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Studio C

The ideal place to work with music. Well equipped with heaps of outboard gear, great tube amps, analog synths and sweet microphones makes this an effective and creative production suite for any genre.
Floating and acousticaly designed rooms with a warm and homy atmosphere.
This is also where we do all our voiceover, ADR and dubbing work with a quad screen setup and Source Connect software for direct monitoring in sessions.

  • Studio C control room
  • Studio C control room
  • Secret weapon no.3 : Analog JUNO bass
  • Thomas - Photo by Michaela Klouda
  • Ingvild Østgård session
  • Legendary Neumann CMV563 w M7 capsule
  • More Neumanns
  • Secret weapon no.4 : Great session drummer
  • Recording for "Torsdag kveld i Nydalen"
  • Dugg

Thomas Wang
Producer, engineer, studio C manager
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thomas (a) urbansound.no / + 47 936 90 460


Recording room : 30 m2
Control room : 18 m2
Kitchen / lounge area :

Machines & Converters

Mac Pro Quad 2 x 3GHz
Avid HD Native
Lynx Aurora 16
Benchmark DAC
2x Apple Cinema displays
Waves, Valhalla, Soundtoys, Lexicon, Massey, Avid plugins
Source Connect software


Shadow Hills Equinox summing mixer
Universal Audio LA-610 channel strip
Millennia STT-1 channel strip
TL Audio C-1 stereo preamp & valve comp.
TL Audio stereo valve preamp & EQ
TK C1 bus compressor
dbx 162 stereo bus compressor
Focusrite multiband stereo compressor
Focusrite Compunder stereo compressor
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo


Dynaudio BM5 MKII
Dynaudio BM9S II SUB
Neumann active speakers
Yamaha NS10 Studio
AKG & Beyer Dynamic headphones


Neumann, Microtech Geffel, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Shoeps, SE, Milab, Oktava, Violet, Audio Technica, AKG Lavalier...

> Detailed mic list

Fender Stratocaster '74
Gibson Les Paul '77
Gibson Flying V '84
Danelectro Baritone
Yamaha electric 12-string
Fender Presicion bass
Ibanez Roadstar bass
Pearl Master Mahogny 5 piece drumkit
Pearl, Ludwig, Premier snare drums

+ HitStix, shakers, tambourines, eggs, african drums, glockenspiel, kalimbas, ukulele and a bunch of percussion instruments

Synths & keyboards instruments

Roland JUNO 106
KORG Polysix
Yamaha CS5
ARP Odyssey rev3
Alesis Micron
Various softsynths
Rhodes MK3 suitcase stereo
Nice old rusty piano

Guitar & bass amps

Wang/Wilson Lucky13 tube head
Wang/Wilson Lucky 18 tube head
Mesa/Boogie Lonestar
MusicMan Sixtyfive head
Fender Concert Reverb
Fender Bassman Ten
Orange AD140 w/ 4x12" cab
Vox AC30 (original Brian May mod)
Marshall JVM 205H x2
Marshall 4x12" cab x2
Rivera Silent Sister ISO cab w/ Celestion Vintage30
Rivera Silent Sister ISO cab w/ JBL bass speaker

>Guitar pedals

Urban Sound Studios AS : Marstrandgata 8, 0566 Oslo : +47 22 37 00 94 : Directions & map : Org.nr 985 031 789