Studio A

A classic big scale recording studio perfect for big drums, rock bands and acoustic music. Control room boasts a 48 channel Neve VR Legend console, recapped in 2014 with great help from Neve-guru Neil McCombie, giving you that ultimate analog sound to your tracks.
In combination with skilled producers, a wide variety of classic microphones, outboards, instruments and plenty of space to work and relax makes this one of the top studio locations in Scandinavia.

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  • Control room
  • Neve VR 48
  • Neve VR 48
  • Main Live Room
  • Main Live Room
  • Main Live Room
  • Main Live Room
  • Main Live Room
  • Control Room
  • Lounge area
  • Lounge area

Jock Jock Loveband
Producer, engineer, studio A manager
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jock (a) urbansound.no / +47 900 83 618
Thomas Thomas Wang
Producer, engineer
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thomas (a) urbansound.no / + 47 93690460

The Rooms

Main Control room : 40 m2 with separate machine room
Main Recording room : 80 m2, refurbished in 2018
Transparent drum / vocal room : 12 m2
Vocal / amp booth : 3 m2
Vibe room : 45 m2 lounge with hi-fi, wireless internett, tables, sofas & chairs, etc.
Reception, separate kitchen & private lounge area / office

Tech Specs

NEVE VR Legend 48 w/ dynamics & Martinsound flying faders.
Recapped in 2010 & 2014 by Neve-guru Neil McCombie

MacPro Quad Core, Digidesign HD2,
ProTools 9 w/ HD2 plugin Pack, Waves 8, Antares autotune evo, Fairchild pack +++
32 channels LYNX Aurora converters, 2ch Benchmark DAC1
Fostex 8 and 16 track analog tape machines


Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo compressor x 2
Distressor EL-8 compressors x 2
Joe Meek optical stereo compressor
Vintage Urei 1176 optical compressor
DBX 160 vintage x 2
DBX 166 stereo compressor
SPL Transient Designer
Mindprint Dual Tube Channel EQ


Lynx Aurora 16VT x 2
Universal Audio 2192
Benchmark DAC 1


Focal Trio 6 from Studiolyd.no
Quested q212 3-way main monitors
Quested VH2108 nearfield monitors


5 x 8 Channel headphone mixers
Headphone amps for up to 30 people
AKG & Sennheiser headphones


Vintage Neumann tube mics, Microtech Geffel,
AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Shoeps, Audio Technica,
Milab, Oktava, Beyer Dynamic

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Reverb & effects

Bricasti Model 1
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM60
Klark Teknik DN 780
Yamaha REV-5
Yamaha SPX-90
Korg SDD-2000 delay
Roland SDE-1000 delay
Eventide H3000 SE multieffect
Roland RE-501 Tape echo/chorus/reverb
Fostex vintage stereo spring reverb
ProTools plugins


Yamaha C-5 Grand Piano
Rhodes MK3 suitcase
Hammond B3 with Leslie
Premier Recording Custom 5 piece drumkit
Selection of Pearl, Ludwig & Premier snare drums
Standard cymbal pack
Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez guitars & basses
Collection of percussion and strange instruments


Marshall JVM210H heads x 2
Marshall MC412A cabs x 2
DevilDog Lucky 13 x 2
Fender Concert Reverb
Fender Bassman 4x10 vintage
Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2 x 12"
Mesa Boogie Combo vintage 1 x 12"
Orange 4 x 12" cab
Leika Leslie

Urban Sound Studios AS : Marstrandgata 8, 0566 Oslo : Directions & map : Org.nr 985 031 789