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Studio A

Big airy spaces, perfect for big drums, rock bands and acoustic music. Sweet analogue sounds in classic outboards combined with the power of the digital domain.
In august 2010 we installed our 48 channel Neve VR Legend console with dynamics, flying faders andtotal recall. All channels recapped in 2014 with great help from Neil McCombie.
In combination with skilled producers, a wide variety of classic microphones, outboards, instruments and plenty of
space to work and relax makes this one of the top studio locations in Scandinavia.

> Discography > Live sessions in studio A

  • Studio A control room with the NEVE
  • Need amps?
  • Room to chill
  • Workshop with Sylvia Massy
  • Phill Brown - mixing Paal Flaata album
  • Simon from Aiming for Enrike at Sylvia Massy Workshop
  • Recording with Pil og Bue for Oslo Sessions
  • Kid Astray at Oslo Sessions
  • The Northern Belle at Oslo Sessions
  • Faenskap
  • Heroes&Zeros Session
  • Heroes&Zeros Session
  • Heroes&Zeros Session
  • Heroes&Zeros Session
  • Heroes&Zeros Session
  • Ingvild Østgård Session
  • Ingvild Østgård Session
  • Ingvild Østgård Session
  • Ingvild Østgård Session
  • Ingvild Østgård Session
  • Dr.T
  • Studio A control room

The Rooms

Main Control room : 40 m2 with separate machine room
Main Recording room : 80 m2 with small PA system, great acoustics for drums
Transparent drum / vocal room : 12 m2
Vocal / amp booth : 3 m2
Vibe room : 45 m2 lounge with hi-fi, wireless internett, tables, sofas & chairs, etc.
Reception, separate kitchen & private lounge area / office

Tech Specs

NEVE VR Legend 48 w/ dynamics & Martinsound flying faders.
Recapped in 2010 & 2014 by Neve-guru Neil McCombie

MacPro Quad Core, Digidesign HD2,
ProTools 9 w/ HD2 plugin Pack, Waves 8, Antares autotune evo, Fairchild pack +++
32 channels LYNX Aurora converters, 2ch Benchmark DAC1
Fostex 8 and 16 track analog tape machines


Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo compressor
Joe Meek optical stereo compressor
Distressor EL-8 compressors x 2
Urei 1176 optical compressor
DBX 160 vintage x 2
DBX 166 stereo compressor
SPL Transient Designer
Mindprint Dual Tube Channel EQ


Lynx Aurora 16VT x 2
Universal Audio 2192
Benchmark DAC 1


Focal Trio 6 from Studiolyd.no
Quested q212 3-way main monitors
Quested VH2108 nearfield monitors


5 x 8 Channel headphone mixers
Headphone amps for up to 30 people
AKG & Sennheiser headphones


Vintage Neumann tube mics, Microtech Geffel,
AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Shoeps, Audio Technica,
Milab, Oktava, Beyer Dynamic

> Detailed list
Reverb & effects

Bricasti Model 1
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM60
Klark Teknik DN 780
Yamaha REV-5
Yamaha SPX-90
Korg SDD-2000 delay
Roland SDE-1000 delay
Eventide H3000 SE multieffect
Roland RE-501 Tape echo/chorus/reverb
Fostex vintage stereo spring reverb
ProTools plugins


Yamaha C-5 Grand Piano
Rhodes MK3 suitcase
Hammond B3 with Leslie
Premier Recording Custom 5 piece drumkit
Selection of Pearl, Ludwig & Premier snare drums
Standard cymbal pack
Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez guitars & basses
Collection of percussion and strange instruments


Marshall JVM210H heads x 2
Marshall MC412A cabs x 2
DevilDogLucky 13 x 2
Fender Concert Reverb
Fender Bassman 4x10 vintage
Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2 x 12"
Mesa Boogie Combo vintage 1 x 12"
Orange 4 x 12" cab
Leika Leslie

Jock Jock Loveband
Producer, engineer, studio manager
> Read more > Discography
jock (a) urbansound.no / +47 900 83 618
Thomas Thomas Wang
Producer, engineer

>Read more and listen > Discography
thomas (a) urbansound.no / + 47 93690460

Urban Sound Studios AS : Marstrandgata 8, 0566 Oslo : +47 22 37 00 94 : Directions & map : Org.nr 985 031 789