Recording drums for upcoming Fight The Fight album
It's always nice to work with happy fun-loving metal heads!

- Posted February 20th

Refurbishing studio A live room!
With great help from Gustav Nilsen-Moe, Thomas Wang, Roar Nilsen, Anders Nordengen, Jock Loveband, Simen Allergoth, Remy Melby and Aslak. Looking for to see you in here in 2019!

- Posted December 22th

Recording blastbeats with Kristoffer Lunden & Morten Lona Nordlie

- Posted December 15th

Recording with 1900 Kullet!

- Posted December 12th

Hosting the NRK Stjernekamp HipHop competition!
All rehearsals and interviews with the awesome Maria "Lotus" Karlsen recorded and filmed in studio A and C!
> Watch Stjernekamp at NRK.no

- Posted September 8th

Recording drums with Baard Kolstad for Fight The Fight!
Soon releasing a brand new album on Indie Recordings, a few of the tracks needed that extra oompf and wildness, so they hired Baard Kolstad (Leprous, KickSlip) to record in studio C with engineer Thomas Wang and producer Stamos. Photos by Thomas Wang

- Posted September 5th

Timeworn album in the making
Having fun recording some really heavy metal. Engineered (and photo) by Thomas Wang with great help from Baard Kolstad custom tuning our drum kit to perfection.

- Posted August 26th

Alan Walker - Darkside
MER Music and the Alan Walker crew has been regularly coming back to record or mix at Urban.
Here's Jock recording the choir parts for the latest track Darkside.

- Posted August 26th

Jock recording post rock band Isa
Photos by Thomas Wang

- Posted August 26th

Cocktail Slippers - Excuse Me!!
Written by Cocktail Slippers & Ida Maria, recorded & mixed by Thomas Wang

- Posted June 9th

Jorun Wilsøff - "Someday"
Produced by Thomas Wang & Remy Melby, out now on DAT Music

- Posted June 2nd

Eilensun - "Love As I Hate"
Produced by Thomas Wang & Eilensun, out now on Urban Sound Recordings

- Posted June 2nd

Mixing new single with Snow Boyz
Produced by Henrich Primrose, mixed by Jock Loveband, out soon!
> Snow Boyz on facebook

- Posted May 19th

ADR recording with Billy Campbell for canadian crime series "Cardinal" Season 3
Billy Campbell is known for lead roles in movies and series like The Rocketeer, The Killing, The 4400 and Melrose Place!
He now resides in Norway and has done all post production dialogue replacement on Season 3 in studio C with Thomas.
> Billy on IMDB > Watch Cardinal season 1-2 on Cmore

- Posted May 3rd

Recording with Veronica Arabella
Working on her debut EP with Thomas Wang

- Posted April 20th

Recording with Baard Kolstad
Baard has been a regular in the last year doing all drum recordings with Thomas Wang for his own project KICKSLIP (previously DJ&DRUMS) and session for other crazy progressive bands with high demands!

- Posted March 10th

Recording with Alex Rosén
The Young Dudes and the dude himself is back working with Thomas and Jock!
(Photos by Thomas)

- Posted March 3rd

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