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  • Refurbished live room 2019
  • Refurbished live room 2019
  • Workshop with Sylvia Massy
  • Recording with Baard Kolstad
  • Jock, Migos and Young Thug
  • Kid Astray at Oslo Sessions
  • The Northern Belle at Oslo Sessions
  • Pil og Bue at Oslo Sessions
  • Dog and distortion
  • Jock behind the desk
  • The Smiler recording - Photo by Michaela Klouda
  • Thomas, Jock and Sylvia Massy at Workshop Session
  • Phill Brown and Thomas
  • Tobias Ørnes Andersen and Jørgen Munkeby
  • Recording with Shining
  • Recording Alex Rosen
  • Photo by Michaela Klouda
  • Alan Walker
  • Jenny Augusta
  • Aiming For Enrike
  • Wango
  • Felix & Buzz
  • Henrik Langerød
  • Wango
  • Studio A control room & the Neve VR 48
  • Studio A control room & the Neve
  • Studio C control room
  • Studio C recording room
  • Paal Flaata, Phill Brown and Gøran Grini
  • Rebekka Bakken and crew
  • Shining
  • Pay-per-frog
  • The Smiler
  • Lowestoft
  • Petter Carlsen in studio A
  • Ida Stein mini concert
  • Ingvild Østgård Session in studio A
  • Ingvild Østgård Session in studio A
  • Jock
  • Thomas
  • Heroes&Zeros Session in studio A
  • Heroes&Zeros Session in studio A
  • Heroes&Zeros Session in studio A
  • Heroes&Zeros Session in studio A
  • Mr. Loveband
  • Studio A control room
  • 1 of 2 Vintage Neumann M7 tube mics. sweet..

The News 2015 :

Bjørn Olav Edvardsen & Thomas Wang - Stay With Me (Live)
A little christmas present from us!

- Posted December 22nd

Tusen Takk - Tommel Opp music video
Directed by Guro Lepperød / Dancer : Thea Ericsson Aarnes

- Posted November 10th

Tusen Takk - Tommel Opp
New single out now! Mixed by Thomas Wang

- Posted November 7th
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Bjørn Olav Edvardsen & Thomas Wang - Stay With Me
New single out now!
> Download from iTunes and help iCare & Blindeforbundet end unnecessary blindness > Read more

- Posted October 30th

Shining - International Blackjazz Society
Recorded here

- Posted October 30th

Ivie - Creatures Of The Night
This banger was written & produced Thomas Wang, Jesper Borgen,
Bjørnar Lunder Bratvold & Vilde Lie

- Posted October 30th

Meet KitFai at 730.no!
And have a sneak listen to the EP "Grip"!
Releaseconcert at Uhørt i Strøget wednesday 23rd! Support by Samurai Tango > Uhørt / Event

- Posted September 19th

SHINING announces new album with live video!
‘The Last Stand’ from the album, 'International BlackJazz Society' - available on 16/10/15 via Spinefarm Records.

Recorded by Jock Loveband & Jørgen Munkeby

Buy the album & Exclusive Merch: http://po.st/IBSD2C

Site: http://po.st/SHWB
iTunes: http://po.st/IBSIT
Facebook: http://po.st/SHFB
Twitter: http://po.st/SHTW
Instagram: http://po.st/SHINST

- Posted August 7th

KitFai - Grip EP : Out September 21st!
"KitFai features Bodil Kvangarsnes in front with a clear, yet fragile vocals, and guitarists Andreas Enge Seth and Markus Lind Aase, bassist Rein Blomquist and drummer Arne Steinar Myrvang.
Their mutual musical education and varied background in genres like, indie, hardcore, post-rock and metal results in a distinctive and accessible sound with complex and exciting details."

Releaseconcert at Uhørt i Strøget wednesday 23rd! > Uhørt

- Posted August 7th

Exclusive performances by Marit Larsen & Anja Elena Viken on Oslo Sessions
From Vigelands Museet during Piknik I Parken

- Posted July 21st

Dandelion - New single by Bjørn Olav Edvardsen
Written & produced by Thomas Wang & Bjørn Olav
> Get it on iTunes / Tidal / Wimp / bjornolav.no / facebook

- Posted May 31st

Akkurat Nå video by DUGG
> Featured on NRK P3 Videorama this week

- Posted May 18th

Tusen Takk performs at Uhørt tuesday 19th of may
> facebook event / Uhørt
> Tusen Takk on facebook / NRK Urørt

- Posted May 18th

Fierce Justice EP Teaser
> Fierce Justice website

- Posted May 18th

The wonderful Kid Astray - Live from Studio A in this weeks OSLO SESSIONS !
> Watch it now!
> Kid Astray on facebook

- Posted May 10th

Lowestoft with new single "The Light"
> Listen to the single on SpotifyiTunes / Wimp
> Lowestoft on facebook
Check out the acoustic live version from Birkelunden in Oslo. :-)

- Posted april 20th

Tidal has chosen Luke Elliot as one of the top 5 artists to follow in 2015.
Find out why on this weeks OSLO SESSIONS : Luke Elliot live at Rockefeller

- Posted April 24th

Mixing upcoming EP with Tusen Takk
Unn Lang Buer makes a delightful quirky norwegian mix of electronic/acoustic. :-)
> Tusen Takk on facebook /

- Posted April 11th

Kvelertak live on Oslo Sessions from Bry:Larm
> Check out the videos here : OSLO SESSIONS

- Posted April 10th

Did a touch-up on the webdesign for the new year
Hope you like it! :-)
- Thomas

- Posted March 28th

The Pinkertons performs on this weeks OSLO SESSIONS
> Check out The Pinkertons on facebook / Spotify

- Posted March 26th

DUGG - "Alt Til Rette" single out now
> Dugg website / Spotify

- Posted February 28th

The lovely Sea Change performs on this weeks OSLO SESSIONS
"Fresh on the scene, Sea Change is the alter-ego of Ellen A. W. Sunde. Creating chilling electronica-pop, previous comparisons have been drawn to the likes of Fever Ray and Lykke Li, with a sound similar to artists such as iamamiwhoami, MØ and Broods." 
> Check out Sea Change on facebook / Spotify

Sea Change

- Posted February 28th

Tsarsten & The Freudian Slippers : "Caravan Serai" album out today
Caravan SeraiAfter travelling around the world in pursuit of the primal tone they decided to explore Central Asia. Central Asia was chosen because during the last ice age, when ice covered Europe and Norway, our ancestors lived there, on the steppes of Central Asia. It didn`t take long before they found the primal tone on a side road to the Silk road on the Eurasian Steppe. Right there and then the musical ensemble Tsarsten & the Freudian Slippers was formed. With the primal tone they created nomadic music that they have played and performed across the steppes of Central Asia. They travelled by riding horses and camels, gaining strength to endure the tour by drinking kumis, fermented mares’ milk.
> Go to the Website/album/ Listen on Spotify/ iTunes / or get the vinyl at Tiger

Tsarsten & The Freudian Slippers

- Posted February 27th

Wango releases new single "Electric Lung"
Kick of concert at Uhørt in Oslo Tuesday February 24th at 20:00
> Listen on Spotify / Wimp / iTunes
> Wango on facebook / website
Upcoming gigs :
24.02 Uhørt, Oslo
27.02 Trashpop, Kristiansand
28.02 Apotekergården, Grimstad
05.03 Hulen, Bergen
07.03 No.9, Arendal

Wango - Electric Lung single cover Martin, Tobias, Henrik & Mathias

- Posted February 22nd

Recording album with string-swingin' jazz band Touché!
> Featuring the wonderful Live Foyn Friis

Touché String Swing Band

- Posted February 21st

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