Recording & mixing live session with Damien
With our new partners in crime : Oslo Sessions
> Check out Damiens new album on Spotify / facebook

- Posted December 29th

Ida Waaler : debut album out now
Ida's live performances are as memorable as they are intense and have at times left people in tears. The main objective of the studio recording has been to capture this magic in a raw and unpolished way. It was recorded live at Urban Sound Studios, Oslo, with Jock Loveband as producer and engineer.
Ida Waaler is an impressive artist with a unique voice that is truly worth noticing in the years to come.
> More about Ida Waaler
Ida Waaler

- Posted November 28th

Did some voiceover work for the horror-sci-fi series "Helix"
Available on Netflix US
> Helix promo

- Posted November 4th

Thomas is mixing and remixing with the amazing Felix & Buzz!
Getting jiggy with it! Check out Felix & Buzz on facebook.

- Posted November 6th

Mark is recording & mixing with Shady Rasta
> Shady Rasta on facebook

- Posted November 5th

New single & video by Ida Waaler : Disarm
Video directed & shot by Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen, photo by Gudmund Sand, Grading by Doan M. Nguyen.
Music produced by Jock Loveband & Ida Waaler. Performed by Ida, Sindri, Roy Nilsen & Espen Kregnes.
> Get "Disarm" on iTunes / Spotify

- Posted September 27th

Back in the studio with Wango!
Recording with Thomas Wang, of course > Wango on facebook / Spotify

- Posted September 25th

Ida Waaler going acoustic in the forest
Ida Waaler and I spent a early morning in the forest by Kjølberg Gård outside Fredrikstad, Norway. This song, called "Nærmere", is an exclusive song and a song she wrote just two days before filming.
Her debut album is soon out, and 26th of September she will launch it through a concert at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo, Norway.
> Ida Waaler - "Nærmere" - acoustic from Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen on Vimeo.

- Posted September 26th

New single by Maraton
Proud to have recorded the drums on this album - Inhuman performance by Frank Røe!
Mixed at Ocean Sound Recordings. Looking forward to the entire thing!
> Maraton on facebook / Soundcloud

- Posted August 30th

Recording and mixing with Bjørn Olav Edvardsen
New "electro-soul-pop" track in the making
> Bjørn Olav Edvardsen on facebook / Spotify
Bjørn Olav

- Posted August 28th

Recording with STEREO
> STEREO on facebook / NRK Urørt

- Posted August 24th

Shining : Coffee and drums - Studio Update

- Posted July 31st

Recording with Oslo Faenskap!
Deathmetal action in studio A today!
> Oslo Faenskap on facebook / NRK Pyro
Oslo Faenskap

- Posted July 14th

Recording new track with Eilensun
> Eilensun website

- Posted July 11th

Brand new monitoring system in studio A
HearBack Personal Monitor Mixer System with 5 hubs. A massive improvement, just for you.

- Posted June 30th

Recording drums with Shining
Tobias Ørnes Andersen smashing his kit in studio A with Jørgen Munkeby
> Shining website / facebook / Spotify

- Posted June 12th

Recording 2 new tracks and music video with Wango
> Wango on facebook / Spotify

- Posted June 10th

Mixing with New Canvas

- Posted June 9th

Mixing album with Paal Flaata and Phill Brown
Part 2 of the American Trilogy, this album features 9 amazing songs from songwriter Michael Newbury, produced by Gøran Grini, mixed by legendary Phill Brown.
> Phill Brown - Are We Still Rolling? > Paal Flaata on Facebook / Spotify
Phil Brown mixing in studio A

Paal Flaata

- Posted April 24th

Recording with Skada

- Posted April 23rd

Mixing with The Smiler
> website > facebook

- March 30th

Recording with Anathema
Recorded 2 bonus tracks their new album.
> website > facebook

- Posted March 3rd

Recapping with Neil McCombie
We spent a rainy weekend in company with our favourite scotsman and tech-wiz Neil McCombie, getting all 48 channels back in action with a calibrated master section. Lord!

- Posted March 2nd

Recording & mixing album with St.Tore Morén
The guys kicked ass during recording the last couple of weeks, and are going back to their new favorite basement in Oslo to start mixing the new album. Jock's on the case.
> website > facebook >
Video blog : 1 Rehearsals / 2 Rehearsals / 3 Testing sound / 4 New drum grooves
Tore Morén

- Posted February 28th

Recording with The Smiler

These lucky grungerockers are recording and mixing their new EP
> website > facebook
The Smiler

- Posted February 24th

Native disco-pop wonders hubbabubbaklubb recorded the brand new track "Virkelighet" exclusively for us.
Oh, and as usual it was all performed live in a silent disco kind of way as the audience were only able to hear the music with headphones on their heads. But hey, let's just remove the "silent" in silent disco shall we?!
> You Need To Hear This > Noisey > Vice

- Posted January 24th

Recording drums with Marathon
> Marathon on facebook > Spotify

- Posted January 22nd

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