Photos YNTHT live with hubbabubbaklubb
This week You Need To Hear This travelled to a snow-covered Norway to hear native band Hubbabubbaklubb record a brand new song in Oslo's Urban Sound Studios. The next episode of YNTHT Live will be released next week. Here are some photos for you to tease yourselves with until then.

- Posted December 13th

You Need To Hear This
Coming to Urban Sound Studios December 9th
Brought to you by Vice / Noisey / Philips headphones

- Posted December 6th 2013

uncle B vibes : Living On Borrowed Time
(Drammens Tidende 29.02.2013)

Asylum Seeker David Mutukwa (aka uncle B vibes) is now, on the release day of the video of his 2nd single "New Era" and his debut EP, imprisoned at Tandrum Transittmottak in Norway because of immigration issues, and is waiting to be deported. He has contributed greatly to the youth communityin Drammen, but is truly "living on borrowed time". Support him by checking out his music and videos.
> Read more > Support uncle B vibes on facebook > uncle B vibes on iTunes / Spotify

- Posted December 2nd 2013

Anathema recording in studio A
Christer Cederberg is producing their next album
> Anathema website

- Posted December 2nd 2013

Recording with Johnny Kahlua, Scale, Lemay, Only Just, Wango, Chakras, Harley Hanson, Eilensun ...

- Posted December 1st

New floors, new paint, new vibes, all for you.. :-)

- Posted November 29th

Something fantastic from the archive
Petter Carlsen - live session > View more

- Posted October 16th 2013

Bjørn Olav Edvadsen : Avalanche
Written & Produced by Thomas Wang & Bjørn Olav Edvardsen
> Listen on Spotify > Download from itunes > Bjørn Olav on facebook
Bjørn Olav Edvardsen & Thomas Wang - Avalanche

- Posted September 27th 2013

Thomas recording with Lowestoft
"The Light" = Pure pop magic! > Lowestoft on facebook> More Lowestoft on Spotify

- Posted September 1st 2013

Jock is recording with Vegard Kopperud
> Website > Facebook page

- Posted August 30th 2013

Jock is recording with Claudio Latini
> Facebook page

- Posted August 28th 2013

Aleks Grey : Starlight
Feelgood hit of the summer out now > Enjoy it on Spotify/ iTunes / website / facebook

- Posted July 1st 2013

Dreamon : Magic - Single out now
>Dreamon on Spotify / facebook

- Posted July 1st 2013

Dudes - Little Monkey - video
Recorded live in studio A with Thomas > Dudes on facebook > Vote for Dudes on Bandwagon

- Posted June 28th 2013

DUGG : En Tid For Alt - video
> Buy it on iTunes / Review / Dugg website

- Posted April 6th 2013

Jock is recording album with Ida Waaler
You will definitily hear from this great young lady in the future.

- Posted April 3rd 2013

Jock is mixing with Hanne Tveter
> Website / facebook

- Posted April 2nd 2013

- Posted April 1st 2013

Benea Reach : Possession
Long awaited album out now! Get it on iTunes (special Version) / Spotify/ Benea Reach on facebook
Releaseconcert in Bergen at Garage april 25th (w/Dyst and Void Of Sense) - facebook event
Releaseconcert in Oslo at Rockefeller april 26th (w/ Shining) - facebook event

- Posted March 30th 2013

Ida Stein : Darkes Eyes single
Out now : Listen on Spotify/ iTunes / Ida Stein on facebook

- Posted March 30th 2013

Depui is back in the studio
Recording more smokin' tracks ranging from Muse-like rockanthems to cute dirty pop hits

- Posted March 28th 2013

Recording album with Delvoid
Jock is tweaking some young sophisticated rock - here with Chyco behind the desk

- Posted February 19th 2013

Humbucker featuring Svend Karlsen
Making heavy weight title track for this years "Worlds strongest man contest"!

- Posted February 19th 2013

Benea Reach : The Mountain video
Album "Possession" out March 22nd, recorded and produced by Thomas. > Article in Metal Hammer

- Posted February 5th 2013

Thomas is recording with DUGG
> Dugg website >Dugg on facebook > listen to "Et Hemmelig Sted" on Spotify

- Posted February 3rd 2013

Thomas is recording album with Domene
> Domene on facebook

- Posted January 19th 2013

Jock is recording new album with Rebekka Bakken
The great voice of Rebekka featuring Paolo Vinaccia, Eivind Årset & Jørund Bøgeberg
> Rebekka on facebook > Rebekka on Wikipedia

- Posted January 18th 2013

Wango : Elephant Nation EP out now on vinyl & digital
Recorded & mixed by Thomas
"These talented 4 young experimental rockers has truly created something unique"
>Wango website > Buy Wango at Tiger / iTunes / Spotify

- Posted January 16th

Thomas is mixing single with Ida Stein
Release March 2nd
> Ida Stein on facebook > Interview in Norgesnytt > Interview in Vestfold Blad

- Posted January 16th 2013

Recording with Hanif Kawousi
Thomas is recording EP with folk/jazz/rock singer & composer Hanif Kawousi
> Hanif on facebook

- Posted January 13th 2013

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Urban Sound Studios AS : Marstrandgata 8, 0566 Oslo : +47 22 37 00 94 : Directions & map : Org.nr 985 031 789