December 2012
Recapping the Neve with great help from our guru Neil McCombie we are recapping the 24 mic preamps and output cards of the Neve VR48 making it better than ever.

November 2012

- Thomas is recording with Ingvild Østgård and tracking drums with Nick Hatch for The Ten Tenors album.
- Jock is recording with Big Head and Six Guys & The Black
- Setting up ProTools HD system in studio C with Aurora converters and cool stuff from Shadow Hills, Texas..

October 2012

- Thomas is recording with Admiral P, The Sap, Dugg and mixing with Wango
- Jock is recording withFierce Justice and Griot Bros
- Christer is mixing live DVD for Anathema and recording with Silje Kåfjord

September 2012

- Got some new gear : a RØDE Classic 2 tube mic and a vintage MusicMan Sixtyfive amp head.
- Jock is recording with Vittorio Di Giovanni,
- Christer is mixing Eva & The Heartmaker (check out video below),
Disaster In The Universe and massive live recordings from Anathema.
- Thomas is recording with The Sap, Doggerland and Eilen Sun

August 2012

- Brand new kitchen! You can now officially burn your Grandiosa with great success at Urban Sound Studios!
- Jock is recording with Ida Waaler and jazztrio Suzie + 2.
- Christer is recording with Disaster In The Universe and mixing new tracks with Petter Carlsen
- Thomas & Sindre are mixing with Best Laid Plans
- Pay-per-frog : Solid Air / Stillicides out on 12" vinyl at Tiger, Big Dipper and digital from iTunes : website / facebook

July 2012 :

- Jock is recording with Kari Bremnes for TV2's new series Cover Me.
- Thomas is recording with the fantastic Wango, Trond Baardsen and making funky, sweet popmusic with Eilen Sun
- Lady Moscow's single "You" is out - Get it here!

June 2012 :

- Some downtime this month due to construction on neighbour buildings. Looking forward to fresh air and new ventilation system!
- Thomas and Sindre are producing 5 more tracks with Best Laid Plans
- Thomas is recording new single with Lady Moscow
- Circus Maximus just released the single ,”Reach Within” mixed by Christer André Cederberg
- Christer also produced and mixed 2 tracks for Disaster In The Universe, mixed a single for Australian pop starlet Phebe Starr
- New single release "Back 2 Black" from Thelma & Clyde, mixed by Christer

> Urban Sound Sessions #3 : Petter Carlsen : Live

Heidi Andresen's album is out : Check it out

May 2012 :

- Get the album exclusively from Wimp : Heroes&Zeros In The Slipstream vol.2 - Ghosly Kisses Live From Urban Sound Studios
- Great reviews of Anathema's new album, produced and mixed by Christer André Cederberg. Read more / Anathema website
- Honningbarna won "Best rock act" category in norwegian Grammys. Album mixed by Christer Cederberg.

April 2012 :

- Thomas is recording with Wango, Dugg, Marcus Roos, Petter Carlsen
- Jock is mixing with Flasham, Heidi Andresen & Jens Anderson

- Depui's single "Manhood" is out. Get more Depui here.

March 2012 :

- Christer is recording with Eva & The Heartmaker and mixing Circus Maximus
- Jock is recording with Heidi Andresen and Flasham (ex Voodoo Vanity)

February 2012 :

- Thomas is mixing with stoner-rockers Fraulein, Clutterbillies, Depui & recording with Jane Helen!
- Jock is on holiday, down under, on the far side of the world!
- Christer is mixing Circus Maximus

January 2012 :

- Finishing album with Pay-per-frog
- Christer is mixing with Anathema

> Get Mimmi Tamba's EP "Stranger Minds Have Walked The Earth" on iTunes

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