December 2011

- Thomas is finishing album recording with Benea Reach, making pop music with EilenSun and mixing with The Great Gods Of Power
- Jock is recording with Hanne Tveter & Eduardo Agni
- Christer is in Wales, recording album with Anathema

November 2011 :

- Thomas is recording with And Her Name Was Frank & Domene
- Jock is recording with Sheldon Blackman & Traces Gospel Choir
- Christer is mixing Circus Maximus
- We welcome Chris Lee and Maya Vik into Studio B

October 2011 :

- Thomas is recording album with the amazing Benea Reach, and the psychedelic Great Gods Of Power.
- Sindre and Thomas are producing 3 splendid tracks with The DirtyDogs.
- Jock is recording with Traces Gospel Choir, Sheldon Blackman and Abuwa.
- The Real Thing! is out with a brand new album "back On Track" > Check it out
- Christer is mixing with Bull.
- And finally, check out these wonderful live sessions :

> Get the album "Ghostly Kisses" from Tiger

September 2011 :

Sivert Høyem live - Long Slow Distance

- Sivert Høyem and the band celebrated the release of “Long Slow Distance” friday 16th with a very special and intimate release concert in our neighbour's unique venue "Spacebrain", where 250 lucky fans got the chance to experience stunning live versions of brand new tracks from the praised album “Long Slow Distance”.

> Watch the entire concert at VGTV - Recorded and mixed by Thomas.
Setlist : 1 Blown Away, 2 Emotions, 3 Trouble, 4 Give It A Whirl, 5 Warm Inside, 6 Innovations, 7 Long Slow Distance, 8 Animal Child

- Recording with Abuwa, Eilen Aagård, Hit Nation,

August 2011

- We congratulate ENVY with winning the international final of Emergenza! Story in NRK Lydverket / Emergenza Festival

- We just installed 32 channels of Lynx Aurora converters in studio A!
- Jock is recording with The Real Thing!
- Christer is recording with Bull and mixing with Donkeyboy.

July 2011

- Christer is recording with Anathema and mixing New Empire and Maria Mena.
- NEW GEAR : We have just recieved a bunch of sweet sounding microphones from Violet Design to try out.
The Flamingo ME, The Stereo Flamingo, The Finger, The Wedge, The Black Knight.

We also got a whole bunch of vintage gear like : Roland JUNO 106, Roland SH-101, Fender Bassman 4x10", Mesa/Boogie combo, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM900, Yamaha RX5 drum machine, Ibanez Roadstar Bass..

June 2011

- The selftitled album by Djerv is out on Indie Recordings. Recorded at Urban Sound Studios, engineered by swedish metal-guru Daniel Bergstrand.

- Thomas is recording the album "R.O.C.K.S." with Humbucker, which is being mixed by the great Beau Hill over in Austin Texas.

- We are happy to welcome Christer André Cederberg into the collective at Urban Sound. Christer has rebuilt studio D into a refined mixing, mastering and production suite with some of the latest state-of-the-art gadgets! More info will follow.
Christer is currently working with Donkeyboy, Maria Mena and Knut Reiersrud.

May 2011

- Producing 4 tracks with the norwegian elektro-rockers Low Lay Logic - Check out their music video to the single "I Am The Doc" :

- Jock is mixing the new album collaboration between Anita Hegerland and Ronni Le Tekrø, and recording with The Real Thing!
The Real Thing, recording at Urban Sound Studios

Frank Ness is mixing a new single "Let's Pretend" with Croatian model Vana Nikolina Perisa, produced by The Insider
It will be released on The Insider’s label “Far-Ahead Records” in May 2011. “Let’s Pretend” will be released worldwide on May 16th 2011. Mastered by Herb Powers for PM Entertainment, NY, US.

Vana Nikolina Perisa, mixed at Urban Sound Studios

April 2011 : Urban Sound Sessions #1 : Ingvild Østgård

- We did a magical live session recording with Ingvild Østgård and her band including a string quartet, in front of a live audience in the studio. The whole session was captured on film, so we will be releasing it here on the website as well as on other sites when the time is ready. We are also planning other sessions with new and exciting artists. Stay tuned!

Ingvild Østgård, recorded at Urban Sound Studios

March 2011

- Thomas is writing and recording tracks with Depui
- Jock is recording with Anita Skorgan and Traces Gospel Quior

February 2011

- Thomas & Sindre are working closely together with The Dirtydogs to produce 3 tracks for their forthcoming EP!
Chek out pictures from the session and their blog!

- Sindre is finishing album with Captain Walker

- Recording new songs with the incredible Rockebandet Ændal

- Benoit tamba has just returned from his home country of Senegal, where he has just released his latest album, mixed and mastered by Jock Loveband, to rave reviews all over the country.

- Recording album "AmerAfrica" with jazz/latino artist Tito Guevara

- Finishing album with norwegian class-rockers Honeyroll

- Thomas is on tour with Heroes&Zeros. Next up : Trondheim, Hamar, New York, Alaska!
Check out their latest single "Change is nothing", which is listed on NRK P3.

January 2011 : Happy new year people!

- Recording live hip-hop session for video with DJ Nasty Kutt, A-Lee, Don Martin, Karpe Diem, Jae-R.
- Recording with indiepop group Micropop.
- Recording funky tracks with last year's norwegian winner of Emergenza : Japee & The Funk Minority.

Japee & the Funk Minority, recorded at Urban Sound Studios

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