December 2009

- Our gift to all of you is the supersweet YTO SOLREISER Christmas single "Kul Kanon" with a couple of live bonus tracks from this summer. Enjoy! See you in 2010!

November 2009

- Yolanda Myrbostad is currently in the studio writing a new track with SilverPlate.
SilverPlate recorded and cowrote the new track called "Så sjuk" with the norwegian artist/rapper Joddski. The track is to be released in France.

- SilverPlate has been working on Chris Lee's second album "LoveGhost". By co-writing and producing the track Angels. SilverPlate took on an experimental vision for the Sandvika rapper. > Review in Natt&Dag

Hey! - I'm too short..- Frank Ness has in addition to Angels also contributed as a mixing engineer for the track "Think I'm Lying" featuring the multi-platinum selling US rapper Too $hort alongside the track "Like you wish". Frank Ness has mixed a new Chris Lee track "Being Alive"."

- SilverPlate recorded and cowrote the new track called "Så sjuk" with the norwegian artist/rapper Joddski. The track is to be released in France. > www.myspace.com/joddski

- Thomas is finishing recording and mixing on Ila Auto's album. We are very happy with the results. The guys recently recorded a video for their second album single "En Som Blir Igjen". The guys in Ila Auto are also working on a "Barne-TV" show for NRK".

- A new addition to the Urban Crew is Robin Lomax Bjerke, a young and eager guy with lots of great ideas.

- Don't miss out on YTO SOLREISER vs HEROES&ZEROS at The Villa, 28th of november! > The Villa

Oktober 2009

- Thomas produced 2 lovely tracks with the remarkable quintet Hallucinations. > Listen
- Folk/country singer Claudia Scott did vocals on 2 interpretations of classic Jimi hendrix tracks; "Bold As Love" and "Waterfall" on Steinar Gregertsens forthcoming album "Standing Next To A Mountain".
- Jock is recording with marimba-master Zwai Mbuele from Cape Town and continuing album with Anita Hegerland, with guests.

September 2009

- Up and coming rock group Kongurei recorded a demo with Thomas.
- 4 new tracks finished and mixed for Kohinoor's next album, and she is now on Rikskonsertene Tour for the next months.
- Release of the "Yang Chenna - Mother of Sound" featuring Tibetan Lama Changchub, Tal Coleman and our own Fernando Sallum. > Link
- Fixing up Studio C!

Ila Auto!August 2009

- Third session with Ila Auto, the album will be released on Universal Music.
- The master marimba player Zwai Mbula from South Africa is recording his new (still untitled) album, featuring special guests. He's also perfomring at this years Mela Festival in Oslo. Fernando is in charge of coordinating artists at the Mela Festival.
- We're finishing up recordings for Anita Hegerlands new album.

July 2009

- Second session with Ila Autos third album, trying out percussion, guest appearances and more.
- Brasillian artists Chandra Lacombe, percussionist Celio Carvalho and Eduardo Agni are recording new material for the album "Namaskar".
- YTO Solreiser plays at Canal Street Jazz & Blues festival with great reviews.

June 2009 - Live & Studio

- Thomas is on tour with stadium rockers Heroes&Zeros, and starts producing 5 new tracks for the Ila Auto album, set to be released on Universal Music in November.
- YTO Solreiser plays at Hovefestivalen.

May 2009 - Recordings

- Ila Auto is back and recording the second single "Grønland" with Thomas as producer for the forthcoming album.
- Jock is producing Ivory Coast rocker Kutchala Sutchi's next album.

April 2009 - Live Recordings

- Stonegard: We did recording, mixing and mastering of Stonegards final show, which will be released on DVD this summer. RIP
Stay tuned with Stonegard here!

- Backstreet Girls: Live recording of their 25 year anniversary show at Rockefeller.
Backstreet Girls

- Inferno Festival: We recorded both norwegian black metallers Keep of Kalessin and Vreid at this years Inferno Metal Festival at Rockefeller.
Keep of Kalessin - Vreid - Inferno Festival

April 2009 - Abuwa on iTunes

- Abuwa's album "Afro Portrait" is finally available on iTunes! Click here to get it!


- YTO SOLREISERs selftitled debut album is finished and out in stores 1st of april! The band has gotten great reviews for their uncompromising mix of styles and massive production. Produced, mixed and mastered here at Urban Sound Studios. - Listen to sneak preview here!
Available at Platekompaniet and iTunes

Jan 2009 - Sverre Indris Joner

- After a great success with the last album, Sverre Indris Joner is back to record another one early in the new year with Jock Loveband again at the helm.

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