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Mark Axiak

Producer, musician, guitarist

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Sydney, New York, LA, London, Berlin... Just a handful of the cities Mark has been living and working in as a producer/musician the past 20 years... Be it Rock/Melodic/Indie Pop, Acoustic soul-searching, Experimental-Atmospheric-art-loop-music, Post-rock-shoe-gazer musings, Afro-Beat/Reggae Dub or Hip-Hop hybrids, he can always bring something fresh, exciting and unique to the table.

International producers Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith), Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork) have all utilized his guitar or keyboard stylings in one way or another. Thus, he has performed on many major and indie label releases.

This vast international recording experience, coupled with several world touring stints, and a keen ear for songwriting, composing and arranging, has led him to his current role as Producer/Musician here at Urban Sound.
Since joining Urban in March 2011, Mark has worked with several Norwegian artists including Eilen Aagård, Ingvild Østgård, Best Laid Plans The Real Thing, and Void to mention a few.
Mark is also currently composing and producing music for an international film library, as well as taking on live sound engineering jobs.

mark (a) urbansound.no / +47 454 41 693 / Discography

Sara Camille - Lille Dråpe : Produced & mixed by Mark Axiak

" Mark is a consummate profession who's musical vision and studio knowledge are an asset to any project. It was a pleasure working with Mark on multiple projects and in a teaching capacity during our time at the JMC Academy. I will always look forward to working with Mark in the future and can not stress enough how valuable he is as a college and employee. "

- Gordon Fletcher, Studio Assistant, JMC Academy

" Mark Axiak is one of those rare breed of exotic birds - he is a magnificent artist with the finest sensibilities, capable of soaring high in rarified creative air AND yet smoothly coming back to earth to engage in the pragmatics of the day-to-day with us mere mortals. Mark is highly versatile and seems to have that left / right brain thing down pat. He is extremely talented and achieves what he sets his mind to - but always in a noble and dignified way. Apart from being smart and savvy he is a damned fine human being too. Having known Mark for well over a decade now I have no hesitation in recommending him - an Order of Australia may well be in order. "

- Will Halliday, Director, Strategic Services & Advanced Analytics, Epsilon

" I can definately recommend Mark Axiak, having employed him on several occasions as a sound technician. Mark is skilled and diligent and has a great way of communicating with artists and co-workers. He is reliable and motivated. Even under difficult and challenging circumstances Mark keeps a cool head and positive attitude - characteristics which are very helpful for others in stressfull situations. I look forward to working with Mark again and recommend him to potential employers. "

- Dominic Wilson, Information manager, Nordic Black Theatre

" Mark was hired remotely to play electric guitar on my most recent album. We sent him the basic tracks on-line, and he recorded and sent his tracks back to us from his studio in Norway. He played on nine tracks, and each time we got his files back we were blown away. He nailed it. Not once did we ask him to change or do anything differently. His unique sound and uncanny ability to find the "soul" of each song is the single most important instrumental element on my album. I am not sure technically what he is doing but I know one thing: Mark goes far beyond the usual electric guitar sound in creating his tracks. Mark is a great talent, musically and technically. He is also prompt and professional in all his interactions. I am eager to work with Mark again on my next recording. I know that whatever he does, it will sound amazing. "

- Jodi Shaw (client)

Urban Sound Studios AS : Marstrandgata 8, 0566 Oslo : +47 22 37 00 94 : Directions & map : Org.nr 985 031 789