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Felix & Buzz - White Lies / Magic (Co-produced and mixed by Thomas Wang) Timeworn - Leave the soul for now (Thomas Wang recording and mix) Dugg - Fjernsyn (Recorded and mixed by Thomas Wang) Bjørn - Gimme x4 Alan Walker - Darkside (Choir recording by Jock Loveband) Dimmu Borgir - Eonian Album (Choir recording by Jock Loveband) VIKINGS Season 6 (ADR recording for single episode) KIGO Kultur I Gamle Oslo (Single - recording, mix, mastering by Mark Axiak and Thomas Wang) Cocktail Slippers - Excuse Me (Single - recording, mixing by Thomas Wang) KitFai - The Way Ahead (Album - guitars recorded by Thomas Wang) Jorun Wisl�ff - Someday (Produced and mixed by Thomas Wang) CARDINAL Season 3 (ADR recording with Billy Campbell) In Vain - Seekers of the truth (drum recording by Thomas Wang) Minula - Lovelust EP (mix and mastering by Thomas Wang) Alan Walker - Tired (guitar recording by Mark Axiak) Martin Solveig - Places feat. Ina Wroldsen (vocal recording by Thomas Wang) DJ&DRUMS - FRAM Soundtrack (recording, mix by Thomas Wang) Jenny Augusta - I go where you go (production, mix by Jock Loveband) Pernille �yestad - Grep (recording by Thomas Wang) Klondike EP (recording by Thomas Wang) Me & Mark - When Rich Find Gold (all recording, mix) Shining - International Blackjazz Society (recording by Jock Loveband) Madden - Golden Light Tusen Takk - Lakrisbåter (Thomas Wang - Prod&mix KitFai - Down (Thomas Wang - producer and mix) KitFai - Grip (Thomas Wang - producer and mix) Lowestoft - Lovers In The Night Lowestoft - Change Walt Disney - Lionguard (voices with Kristofer Hivju) Helix - Season 2 (ADR with Billy Campbell Paal Flaata - Bless us all (Thomas Wang - assistant engineer) Beady Belle - Closer (Jock Loveband - engineer) Benea Reach - Possession (Thomas Wang - producer) Tsartsten & The Freudian Slippers - Caravan Serai (Mixed) Djerv (Recorded by Daniel Bergstrand) Ila Auto (Thomas Wang - produced and mixed) Madrugada - The Deep End (Jock Loveband - additional recordings) Heroes & Zeros - Ghostly Kisses Live (Recorded by Thomas) Ida Waaler (Jock produced and mixed) Blue Basement - Orbits (Recorded and mixed by Thomas)

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